No more file servers required in the office

It used to be very convenient using file servers at work. It was not an issue if those files were not reachable outside of work as 'work is work and should stay at work'. This was true until our definition of work changed. We need those files now; wherever we are and whenever it is. Our homes are now our offices like our favourite coffee shops.

Thumb drives were the initial replacement devices used for having data everywhere. USB disks followed. In each case, there was an issue or limitation either for security reasons or speed issues. Besides, the files were not always had the recent versions.

Cloud drives emerged as the requirement for accessing files at any time, at anywhere and at any device increased. First versions were for personal use with very limited features. The explosion on usage enabled the cloud drive providers to add more features.

There are now many cloud drive offerings for online and offline access working in synch with several device types. Some are designed to fulfil the business requirements.

Knowing the importance of availability of information, we encourage all our partners, clients and users utilizing cloud rather than conventional storage options.