Does 'everybody' fall the first time'?

Many will remember the scene at 'The Matrix'; Neo stands at the top building and will try his first jump after Morpheus. He tries and fails. Some of his friends questions the fail; however as Cypher clarifies 'Everybody falls the first time'.  

The researches on children show the stages of the learning processes rely on 'trial and error' cycles. In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell moves even further by trying to prove that the ’10.000 hour-rule’ exists to be an expert.

Over our thousand implementations, we have faced the same effort at our sites; delivering the perfect analysis or design at the first attempt. In 'ideal conditions', it would be possible to deliver the perfect analysis. In real world, as the examples above shows 'iterations' are required to reach to the desired goal.

Considering how documents are related and linked with flows in an organization, it is the natural consequence that the documents and flows are modified according to the 'new' requirements and/or improvements. There is no 'final' in improvement and progress.

'Deliver as quickly as possible and iterate until minimum a level that exceeds acceptable phase for all parties' is the main driver in our implementations and in our products. We suggest the same to everyone involved in software development and implementations.