'Linked or combined ideas with defined edges on delivering at least one successful implementation' constitute the description of product here at DocPlant. In other words, our products are the accumulated experiences and knowledge of ours obtained during accomplishments in which common 'senses' are applied in a continuous manner.

Our products are living 'organisms'. They evolve every day with new contributions. The packages aim to guide in the decision process for document life cycle implementations. The roots of the components are the same 'substance' those shall be used to compose 'new' packages in accordance with the needs and the requirements.


Complete package for handling document management functions. Supports multiple databases types. Has built-in tools for designing forms and flows.


Designed for building document management clouds. With full featured template designers, provides ability to generate documents. Utilizing C# for Windows and JavaScript for web, documents have the power of 'coding'.


Initial step for document management. With simple interface, documents shall be tagged and searched like a regular web search. Integration options allows multiple devices to store documents easily.


Cloud storage option for individuals or companies. Works like a disk drive.

Mail Archiver

Stores, indexes and generate previews for all e-mails send to and sent from for a domain. Search interface allows users accessing e-mails quickly.

kuikweb site

Regularly updated and upgraded template based web site packages with online store options designed and developed in-house using latest web site trends and technologies.