DocPlant is the provider of components in the form of ideas, services and products for wiser document life cycle utilization.

We are incorporated at the beginning of 2009. Nevertheless, our origins can be traced back to 1998 when our initial document processing engine was developed by the members of our software team.

The current technology only allows extending the edges of 'basic' operations – basic sorting, basic clustering and basic searching. 'Document' is still perceived as papers in folders or in boxes.

The inventions in technology for monitoring human brain allow better understanding of human nature and human behaviour. The required tools are to suffice to answer the questions 'how' and 'why' – knowledge and understanding respectively.

A new terminology is on the way to define the 'advanced' processes in document life cycle management – Docubility, Docugement, Docufitability, and Doficinecy.

Our aim at DocPlant is to be the source of 'advanced' products and services in document life cycle management fulfilling the needs of the new definition of document – the Provider of 'Do...'.